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Name: YUSH

Current Clan: clantastic (90LPV28G) (Former League Clan (FWA))
Donates: 0 | Receives: 0 | Town Hall: 9 | Rank: Member
Synchronized: Yes
Tracked Actions
2019-10-28 06:01:51Reset donations/receives, had 30 donates and 0 receives before, 0 donates and 0 receives after.clantastic
(Former League Clan (FWA))
2019-10-02 01:43:39Joined clan as a member.clantastic
(Former League Clan (FWA))

War Attacks (?)
2019-10-16Was #30 and did not attack in a lose war:
clantastic (Former) vs. المنشقون (None)
2019-09-30Was #40 and did not attack in a win war:
clantastic (FWA) vs. X-ORDINARY (FWA)

Member Notes

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