Are you a Clash player who wants to find a farm war clan to join? Here's a list of a few actively syncing clans that are not full* for your perusal.

I hope you will find a clan you'll comfortably fit in! If you do join a clan from this page, please mention that you came from here, so we can gauge how effective this method of recruitment is. Thank you!

风云中国训练营 (LL2LLV2L)
不战联盟 (BZLM)

Battle Day (50) - Invite Only - 49/50
400 trophy requirement
288 wins - 2 ties - 231 losses
Total Donations: 34,410

Zanth Royals (9JLJP80)
Official FWA

War Ended (50) - Open Clan - 49/50
1000 trophy requirement
308 wins - 3 ties - 412 losses
Total Donations: 43,435

Welcome to Zanth! PARTY ISLAND🍹🍹🌴🌴💃💃. We DONATE & CHAT corny jokes required upon entry & daily there after. If u go missing & get quiet or selfish, the sharks will get ya! 🦈 Stay active, dance & have fun! 💎FWA💎
Official FWA

Prep Day (50) - Invite Only - 49/50
0 trophy requirement
170 wins - 1 ties - 223 losses
Total Donations: 55,077

💎FWA💎 🇧🇩Official FWA bangladeshi clan🇧🇩❤️show fwa base uopn entry❤️must follow all clan mail❤️both war atk must,otherwise💣🔫👊🏻 donate each other❤️CLASH ON🔥our 2nd fwa clan 👉🏻CHATKHIL clan #J9RCY8UG🌹 🔥

None of these clans feel like your future home? the page!

If you're a clan rep and would like to opt out of this, please ping kui.

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