Are you a Clash player who wants to find a farm war clan to join? Here's a list of a few actively syncing clans that are not full* for your perusal.

I hope you will find a clan you'll comfortably fit in! If you do join a clan from this page, please mention that you came from here, so we can gauge how effective this method of recruitment is. Thank you!

1945 League

Prep Day (50) - Invite Only - 48/50
1800 trophy requirement
106 wins - 0 ties - 117 losses
Total Donations: 12,639

Ark City (8GJJVVG8)
Official FWA

Battle Day (50) - Invite Only - 49/50
2000 trophy requirement
189 wins - 3 ties - 196 losses
Total Donations: 22,384

💎💎 Official FWA💎💎.  Accepting TH10+ & level 120+ with FWA ready base. Dear enemy, you can have the win & all the stars, we just want some war loot. Expose your top 3 townhalls and storages and the victory is yours. Please come visit us!
Official FWA

Battle Day (50) - Invite Only - 48/50
3200 trophy requirement
129 wins - 1 ties - 83 losses
Total Donations: 45,398

💎👬👭Extreme Family👬👭💎
🎯Easy War loot💰& Stars🌟
🎯Stress free wars & minimal efforts👍
⚠U Can Do War Keep Updating HEROES⚠
🎯Th 11&10 Only❌No hoopers❌
🎯Good Donator🙌
Official FWA

Battle Day (50) - Invite Only - 48/50
0 trophy requirement
53 wins - 0 ties - 39 losses
Total Donations: 15,176

1. Keep Active. 2. Recruiting only TH9, TH10 Y TH11. 
Enemy Clan: We do Farm Wars, pls put out top 2 th ans storages for the easy win. Clan hispano
Droopy®Raiders (YYC2J2VP)
Orange Indian

Battle Day (50) - Invite Only - 49/50
1600 trophy requirement
211 wins - 10 ties - 138 losses
Total Donations: 36,568

➡Only FORMER RAIDERS are allowed to JOIN US back🤝.
➡Donation Ratio 1:2,
Per Session.
➡Must Check MAILS
➡🚫No Hoppers,Loyal Only.
➡Any query? Contact CLAN REPS. 
on BAND.
🍊QQ: 3401203764🍊

None of these clans feel like your future home? the page!

If you're a clan rep and would like to opt out of this, please ping kui.

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