Are you a Clash player who wants to find a farm war clan to join? Here's a list of a few actively syncing clans that are not full* for your perusal.

I hope you will find a clan you'll comfortably fit in! If you do join a clan from this page, please mention that you came from here, so we can gauge how effective this method of recruitment is. Thank you!

War Snipers 2.0 (8VLJPLC2)
Official FWA

War Ended (50) - Invite Only - 48/50
1500 trophy requirement
214 wins - 5 ties - 309 losses
Total Donations: 120,967

War Snipers Family 💎 Member of FWA 💎 To apply, visit our site at: for the clan rules and password to apply.
Serang - Banten (8YP9C8VG)
1945 League

Prep Day (50) - Invite Only - 49/50
1500 trophy requirement
272 wins - 3 ties - 189 losses
Total Donations: 23,911

🍀#1945 Farming War League Indonesia🍀    
QQ盟 : 2762788823
Official FWA

Prep Day (50) - Invite Only - 49/50
0 trophy requirement
70 wins - 0 ties - 56 losses
Total Donations: 28,132

1. Keep Active. 2. Recruiting only TH9, TH10 Y TH11. 
Enemy Clan: We do Farm Wars, pls put out top 2 th ans storages for the easy win. Clan hispano
Before Ice (G2YJ28RJ)
Orange English

Battle Day (50) - Open Clan - 48/50
1400 trophy requirement
135 wins - 0 ties - 161 losses
Total Donations: 67,111

🍊 Orange League🍊 Have Base Ready Upon Entry🍊Th9 and up Only!!!🍊 farm wars clan adult🍊 REQ to Join Clan With 🍊 must chat and be active to stay qq rep id 3139695732. Clan games required

None of these clans feel like your future home? the page!

If you're a clan rep and would like to opt out of this, please ping kui.

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